Arnold Henry Savage Landor

Japanese artesans

Oil on wood, cm. 9,5 x 15,5
Florence, Fusi Collection

“In Japan nobody ever took a cold bath, barring a madman perhaps. They all indulged in hot baths, the water almost boiling, each bathtub being of special construction in order to bring and keep the temperature so high. When the water was considered sufficiently warm all the members of the family and their visitors went to sit up to their necks.”
(A.H. Savage Landor, Everywhere. The memoirs of an Explorer, New York 1924, I, p. 89)

Bibliography: Giappone. Dai samurai a Mazinga, exhibition catalogue edited by A. Madaro and F. Morena, Treviso 2014, p. 279, n. XVII.4